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  • Extreme speed

  • Free installation

  • No data charges

  • No long-term contracts

  • 20Mbps up to a GIG!

Starting at $49/month


Superior broadband solutions with fixed wireless or fiber optic service. Customizable options for small businesses, large commercial enterprise, multi-dwelling units or carrier/wholesale purposes.

5Mbps to 10Gigs!


Our team of experts will work with property owners, building management and HOA's in order to implement custom broadband solutions for Hotels, Office Suites, Condominiums, and Commercial Buildings. 

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Digital VoIP phone service for home or business provides advanced communication options as well as voice clarity on a reliable platform. Enjoy dozens of included features and customizable elements.

Starting at $25/line



Aerux Broadband strives to provide the fastest and most reliable internet service- whether you live in the city, the suburbs or in a rural area. 

Our network offers dedicated point-to-point wireless service and fiber optic options for premium bandwidth at your fingertips.  Dedicated fiber links, off-site back up, redundant connections, and custom build-out options are available for business-class use.  


Fiber optic service utilizes a dedicated underground cabling system to transport data incredibly fast and is immune to all sorts of interference. Fiber is commonly considered to be the gold standard of all internet options. capable of reaching speeds well over a GIG! 

Available to our current residential fiber neighborhoods, to new community infrastructures or to business-class service. 


Wireless internet uses proven point-to-point microwave technology that directly transfers bandwidth from a tower to an antenna/radio that is mounted to any given structure.

Unlike older technology such as satellite, DSL or cable service, -wireless bandwidth provides much faster and more reliable connection. Discover why wireless internet is better, faster, stronger and more affordable!


"We had Aerux install their Fiber Internet service in Spring Valley Ranch a few weeks ago. We wont be going back to DSL or satellite internet anytime soon! 500 Mbps and no data caps. A big thanks to Brent for his expertise in getting all my devices set up."                                             

 - M. Carter

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