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Hotels, Condominiums, Office Suites, Commercial Buildings

Call for a free quote:  888.683.4887 

Aerux Broadband provides advanced broadband internet solutions customized to suit the needs of 

multiple units located within a single building by 

implementing dedicated fixed wireless or direct fiber 

optic connections.

Owners and management companies can count on increased revenue & higher property value by offering features such as wireless mesh network, wireless access points, and free hot spots within their building. Connect your property with a smart system to control and monitor utilities while conserving energy and reducing your costs. 

Enhance your property appeal by offering 

incredible Gigabit speed bandwidth. Our service supports popular streaming apps in HD and 4K, heavy downloads, large file transfers, VoIP phone communication, video surveillance, security systems and more.

Attract new buyers or tenants by giving them the speed they need to surf, work, stream and share on multiple devices with access to the fastest technology on the market today. 



Our broadband solutions offer the integration of added features such as VoIP phone systems and security systems.

Network monitoring and support with Aerux 'watchguard' software will optimize system performance.  experienced professionals monitor your network status 24/7 and  in order to ensure your operations are the most productive and efficient. 

Our reliable network averages 99.9% uptime and offers 24-hour 

customer support for building management as well as for each unit.

Connect your building with Gigabit speed!

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